Hog Heaven in Pawleys Island offers delicious options from the buffet and off-the-menu

Hog Heaven Pork Barbeque and Red PotatoesEmily Smith

Barbeque is not a difficult food to find in the South, and Hog Heaven in Pawleys Island makes  sure to never be in short supply. On the road to Georgetown, this restaurant has become a well-traversed stop for travelers and locals who want to eat their fill of delicious Southern food.

While the three pigs painted on the exterior of the building have become the restaurant’s calling card, Hog Heaven is particularly known for their buffet. Lunchtime is busy for this local’s haunt, with a regular flow of customers seating themselves before promptly standing back up to grab a plate and fill it with food.

The large crowd at Hog Heaven who come for the buffet keep the kitchen busy, and there is rarely an empty tray. Even if there were, check a few minutes later and more likely than not, the tray will be replenished with fresh food. The salad and dessert bars get the same treatment, so no matter what, guests are welcome to fill up on their favorites or have a little bit of everything.

For the most part, the buffet options remain the same, like the restaurant’s beloved fried chicken and Carolina pulled pork. Hog Heaven has a great  amount of sides, such as cheesy whole red potatoes, green beans, stewed tomatoes, and sweet potato casserole. They also serve their version of pileau, or chicken bog, which is made with fluffy rice and generous slices of sausage.

For almost $10 more, seafood lovers can order all you can eat shrimp that includes the barbeque buffet. During the right season, Hog Heaven has oysters on the menu which, for a few more dollars, can also be part of an all  you can eat experience.

If nothing from the buffet or salad bar entices the customer, they can always order from off the menu. This is where guests can order sandwiches, ribs, or a platter of seafood that can be steamed or fried. Appetizers like wings, fries, and mozzarella sticks are part of the menu, and
therefore never seen on the buffet.

Many Southerners like to enjoy beer with their barbeque, and Hog Heaven is happy to comply. The restaurant’s full bar has over two dozen beers to choose from, ranging from $3 to $4, plus a small selection of wine served by the glass. Multiple television screens hang on walls throughout the dining and bar area, so the restaurant can be a great family hang out or a friendly place to unwind.

Hog Heaven offers catering services as well, including on-site which can be inside or outside on the spacious deck. The restaurant has been an established part of Pawleys Island for so long that the team also sells merchandise, including their popular vinegar-based barbeque sauce. So if you and yours are fans of Southern comfort food, this place may look like… well, heaven.

If You Eat

What | Hog Heaven
Where | 7147 Ocean Highway, Pawleys Island
Hours | 11:30 a.m. – 9 p.m. daily
Information | hogheaveninc.com, 843-237- 7444



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