Massey’s Pizza in Pawleys Island delivers on taste of Columbus, Ohio pizza

Massey's Deep Dish PizzaEmily Smith

While many visitors from the North and Midwest like to bring back bits of the Grand Strand with them, there is also a decent amount of those states being brought to the Lowcountry. Massey’s Pizza in Pawleys Island is a slice of Columbus, Ohio and has become a much enjoyed part of life for pizza-lovers from all over.

The original owners began their culinary journey well over 50 years ago and forever changed the pizzeria scene in Columbus. Since then, the business grew into a franchise with a dozen locations in Ohio and the one in South Carolina. While the menu has been updated to include subs and pastas, the tradition of baking pizzas with open flames continues on to this day.

Shaded by the many trees in the Litchfield Market Village off Willbrook Boulevard, South Carolina’s only Massey’s location brings in a steady flow no matter what season it is. Lunch and dinner remain particularly busy, as the restaurant currently offers a pizza and salad buffet at both times.

Ordering from off the menu is where guests can enjoy the many different subs, like the Great Guido or the loaded Vegi sub. Customers can also choose to customize their own pizza with almost two dozen toppings to pick from.

Otherwise, they can simply enjoy one of the many specialty pies, such as the famous Massey’s pepperoni pizza, with every inch of pie covered in pepperoni. The restaurant’s spread of specialties also includes the spicy chorizo fajita pizza, and the Cajun pizza. All menu items can be ordered for dine in or take out, and adults who are dining in can also order from a small selection of bottled beer.

Something guests may notice when going over the menu is the presence of The Godfather, a deep-dish style pizza. One of the very few restaurants in the Grand Strand that offers this Chicago crust, Massey’s version comes with a generous amount of their flavorful tomato sauce, an abundance of pepperoni and Italian sausage, and finally topped with mozzarella and provolone cheese.

Throughout the year, Massey’s hosts fundraising events for the community and for individuals in need. The team has also shown support for other local businesses while never forgetting to provide upstanding service to their customers.

With a delicious tradition that started in the Midwest and a sense of hospitality very familiar in the South, Massey’s Pizza in Pawleys Island has become a lovely combination of both worlds.

Whether local, visiting, or just passing through, Massey’s is happy to share a slice of their pie.
If You Eat
What | Massey’s Pizza
Where | 115 Willbrook Blvd, Pawleys Island
Hours | 11 a.m. – 9 p.m. Sunday-Thursday, 11 a.m. – 10 p.m. Friday-Saturday
Information |, 843-237-4992



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