Speedy Gamboa quickly becomes known for quality and authentic Mexican food

Celebrating their first year’s anniversary in November 2017, a tiny restaurant has become known in the Conway area for their delicious, fresh, and authentic Mexican food.

Speedy Gamboa, tucked in between Soho and Little Caesars Pizza on Highway 544, is run by a family who loves to share their culture. Because the eatery is located off a busy highway and so close to the university, Speedy Gamboa was guaranteed to get some traffic from the beginning. However, it’s the restaurant’s amazing food and great prices that keeps people coming back for more. Even though young, the team at Speedy Gamboa has become a staple in the community.

Two television screens in opposite corners play Latino music videos, which helps set a fun and casual ambiance. The restaurant is otherwise sparsely decorated and kept clean. While many regulars call ahead or get their orders to go, there are tables inside that can sit small to large parties. Guests that choose to dine in can seat themselves and are promptly served a smile and a basket of delectable house made tortilla chips and the restaurant’s salsas.

Their menu is small but far from lacking. Speedy Gamboa has organized it so customers can make meals out of individual foods, like tacos and tostadas. Enchiladas, gorditas, sopes, and more can also be ordered individually. Sides are listed on the bottom, and include favorites such as beans and rice.

Breakfast is served all day, with these egg dishes accompanied by refried beans and the restaurant’s perfect little handmade corn tortillas. Bigger entrée-like meals like chiles rellenos and the impressive tortas, or Mexican style sandwich, make up the more expensive side of the menu but even those are very affordable.

For something on the sweeter side, Speedy Gamboa has some fruity milkshakes and even freshly squeezed orange juice. Fried plantains topped with cream and cheese also make for a pleasantly sweet dessert.

Speedy Gamboa often has specials, such as their fresh seafood Veracruz. Currently the team has added seasonal treats to the menu, including Mexican oatmeal (atole de avena), dulce pan, and hot chocolate. And of course, no Tuesday is complete without tacos anymore, and guests can enjoy three authentic tacos for $5 every time Tuesday rolls around.

Small the eatery may be, the Speedy Gamboa family packs a powerful punch by providing the best for their customers. Plus their authenticity isn’t just found in the recipes, but in each hard worker, down to the freshly prepared ingredients. With such great food, reasonable prices, and friendly faces, making a speedy return to this little restaurant is quite understandable.

If You Eat

What | Speedy Gamboa
Where | 1300 Highway 544, Conway
Hours | 10 a.m. – 10 p.m. Sun-Tue, 10 a.m. – 10 p.m. Thu-Sat
Information | facebook.com/speedygamboa, 843-347- 5755



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