Thai Season brings the heat and the sweet from Thailand

Emily Smith

Delicious food is always in season at this charming restaurant in North Myrtle Beach. Thai Season, 1004 Highway 17, North Myrtle Beach, has brought the heat and the sweet for almost a decade now, and recently the team welcomed a new addition that helps set the eatery apart.

The second location of the Grand Strand’s only rolled ice cream, Sweet Ice, is just inside the restaurant and many customers drop by simply to indulge their sweet tooth in this creamy creation. The base is flavored to the guest’s preference and frozen on a large flat pan, which allows the cream to be scraped into neat little rolls. There is an array of toppings to choose from, including cookies, candies, and fresh fruit.

Locals have been frequenting this restaurant long before Sweet Ice arrived, but the tasty addition that also serves bubble tea has only made Thai Season more loved. The outdoor patio, though it faces the highway, makes for a charming exterior to the restaurant and is often utilized by patrons enjoying their dessert.

The inside has a bit more of a sophisticated appearance with dark wood, subtle accents, and beautiful paintings of Southeast Asian design on the wall. A full bar occupies one wall, sporting a television overhead and a menu of the restaurant’s own unique cocktails.

While there is the occasional food item on the menu not necessarily of Thai origin, don’t expect a huge mixture of cuisines. For those perhaps trying Thai food for the first time, there are entrees served with rice that can serve as an introduction into the diverse fare. The appetizers are also a good way to try a few new flavors, such as with the refreshing summer roll or the savory chicken satay.

Those already familiar with the flavorful cuisine will find favorites such as papaya salad (som tum) and coconut soup (tom ka). Popular noodle dishes are also easily found, including the deliciously nutty Pad Thai and drunken noodles that come heaped with vegetables.

There is a variety of curry dishes, from green to red, and all come with white rice. Nearly every meal can be ordered with the customer’s choice of meat, or lack thereof for vegetarians and vegans. The level of spice is also easily adjusted with a number system from 0 to 3, with 3 being the hottest.

A small lunch menu is available during the week until 3 p.m., and from 4-7 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday is Happy Hour. Ultimately, however, people are coming to Thai Season not for the alcohol, but for the great and authentic food served piping hot with quality ingredients. Their entire menu, from drinks to desserts, is meant to be a celebration of the vibrant culture of Thailand.



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