The most popular Halloween candy purchases in the Carolinas are… released a favorite Halloween candy map by state based on sales for that particular candy, and here are the results for the Carolinas.

South Carolina

The 8th State in the union, South Carolina still loves candy corn. Nearly 115,000 pounds are consumed in South Carolina around Halloween.  Skittles and Hot Tamales round off the top 3.

North Carolina

North Carolina’s most popular Halloween candy has changed this year. Reese’s Cups used to rule the land where the Wright Brothers first flew. Now times have changed and M&M’s have taken over. Over 96,000 pounds of M&Ms. Baby Ruth did not make the list, even though Babe Ruth hit his first home run in NC!

Many of Myrtle Beach’s visitors are from Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Illinois, so you can find your state’s favorite Halloween candy at this site.



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