Beach Access Map for Cabana District

As North Ocean Boulevard hits its 5400 block (about 3 miles north of downtown Myrtle Beach), the road makes a sharp turn, jutting out to the east and marking the start of one of the beach’s most interesting areas.

Known as “The Cabana District” the area features hotels and condos opposite the beach, but on the side of the road facing the ocean all you’ll find is a number of small cabanas.

The history of these buildings is a bit hazy with some claiming they were originally associated with houses across the road that have since been destroyed and replaced with condos, while others believe the structures were originally part of the Ocean Forest Resort that stood from 1930 to 1974.

But regardless of their origin, the colorful decor and unique architecture of these glorified shacks make them a popular sight and allow for a gorgeous view of the ocean.

The beach itself is a nice and relatively flat stretch, with easy access to nearby amenities including a shaded gazebo, shower towers, water fountain and playground as well as a number of fitness stations spanning about four blocks of Ocean Boulevard between at Gardens by the Sea Park and Roberta S. McMillan Park (58th Avenue North).



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