Beach Access Map for Pawleys Island

Pawleys Plantation

Known for its “arrogantly shabby” lifestyle, which mixes high-end homes with rickety shacks and a laid-back vibe, this area is a gem for beachgoers.

Pawleys Island claims to be “the oldest seaside resort in America,” and residents take pride in this designation, working hard to keep the pace of life slow and relaxing.

It is one of the few unspoiled, non-commercial oceanfront communities on the Grand Strand which means there’s almost never a crowd on the beaches along this 4-mile stretch of sand.

Finding parking can be tough at times, but you can try limited parking access spots off of Atlantic Avenue at Hazard, First, Pearce, Second and Third streets as well as at Shell Road. There is also a 100-car parking lot at the south end of the island which can also fill up quickly in the high season.

However, once you do nab a place to park you’ll surely enjoy the unique feel of this beach including the sand, which has a more granular quality than some other beaches, and the rocky jettys scattered at intervals along the beach.

The area also sports one of the most attractive piers on the Grand Strand, however the Pawleys Island Pier is unfortunately only open to residents of the area.



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