Parking in North Myrtle Beach: A quick review

The city of North Myrtle Beach offers about 2,000 public parking spaces. 1,884 of those are free parking spaces and 116 are paid parking spaces. The city charges $1 per hour to park in the paid parking spaces. However, North Myrtle Beach property owners who have a non-commercial vehicle registered within the city limits on which city taxes are paid can acquire a free decal from the City and can park in all public parking spaces at no charge— call (843) 280-5651 for details.

The public parking spaces requiring a fee of $1 per hour are located in the public parking lots at 4th Avenue North (oceanfront), 3rd Avenue North (oceanfront), 4th Avenue South (second row) and 27th Avenue South (oceanfront).

These paid public parking spaces are NOT part of an initiative to move toward creating wholesale paid public parking in North Myrtle Beach. The four paid public parking lots are located adjacent to large accommodations. Many of their employees used to park all day in those parking lots, despite their employers having provided them with other parking opportunities. The City asked the accommodations to encourage their employees to park elsewhere, so that residents and visitors who are not working or staying at those accommodations could have the opportunity to use the parking spaces. The City made this request after receiving many complaints from residents and visitors alike. The employees did not change their practice, so the City turned the spaces into paid parking spaces. This has resulted in more parking spaces being available for use by residents and visitors.



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